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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Every Parent Can Learn From this Article
This article is geared towards Dads, but every parent can learn from this.  Parents need to remember how their words and actions can impact their children.  Parents hold a tremendous amount of power and should use it wisely.  Especially, when there is a divorce in the family and time is limited.  The children need know their parents are in full support of them.

Please read this article, it is a good one:
1:27 pm cdt 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Estate Planning Could be More Important Than is Has Been in the last few Years
If Congress does not do something soon, estates worth just over a million dollars (which includes life insurance policies) could face up to 55% estate tax consequences.

Preparation is the best line of defense.  No one should be caught up in this expensive net.
4:25 pm cdt 

Don't be fooled by Traveler's Insurance False Advertising

In an article post on


Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is asking Traveler's Insurance to cease-and-desist advertisements that lead Texans to believe they can lose their homes without proper level of auto insurance coverage.

3:31 pm cdt 

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beware of Social Networking Sites - What you post can and will be used against you.
Many people, when going through a divorce, reach out to their friends for support.  That can be the strength they need to pull them through.  However, in this new era of social networking the words and images being posted can and will appear in court.  You cannot lie in court and then tell the truth on your social network page and think the two will never coincide.

This article posted on Yahoo! tells a cautionary tell that everyone should already know.  Yet, it is surprising how many people just don't see the power of their social network posts.

Social network "poster" beware!
11:16 am cdt 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't forget that children have rights
Although this article by attorney Rob Robertson is not "new" it is still very true.
Children are often fought over when a marriage comes to an end, but they need to be treated with compassion and dignity.  They still love both parents and should not be made to feel bad for having those feelings.
11:56 am cdt 

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